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Home of The Cowboys

The time we spent at West High and the relationships we enjoyed there are the foundation of our present and future.  As time goes by, it becomes more important to keep those memories alive.  The Alumni Association offers a place to stay in touch with classmates and provides information on what's happening at our alma mater.  To ensure you receive information and to help the Association provide scholarships and other assistance to graduates, please pay your dues or consider making a donation.


Name (Ladies, please include Maiden Name), Phone, Email address, Graduation Year.  Our lists are kept by graduation year and last (maiden) name.

Become a Member Today!
Annual dues for the Alumni Association are $20.00 Non-specificdonations go to scholarships; donatios may also be iven for specific activities, i.e., Monetary Award Program (MAP), and singing Christmas tree. Brick Orders only with this form.
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