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                                        Outstanding Alumni 2022

Terry Lopez


     Terry, a graduate of West High School in 1975, was extensively involved in various activities during her time there, including student council, the debate team, and cheerleading. She pursued her postgraduate studies at the University of Denver, where she later attended law school. Despite the challenges of raising two children, Terry successfully obtained her law degree and passed the bar exam after two attempts, officially becoming a practicing attorney.

During her college years, Terry continued her passion for cheerleading as a member of the DU Pioneers. Throughout her career, she has worked at several prestigious law practices and even established her own practice on West 38th and Clay Street for a period. Later, she joined the Colorado Legal Services team, specializing in family law matters such as domestic violence, divorce, and custody cases.

     Terry's dedication and expertise led her to eventually become a supervising attorney, overseeing other legal professionals in the family/children unit. After over 15 years of service, Terry transitioned to semi-retirement, now working privately out of her home office while continuing to serve her clients with distinction.

Catarino "Reyes" Salas

     Catarino "Ray" Salas, a 1976 graduate of West High School, was honored with induction into the Golden Gloves Hall of Fame in May 2022. His journey to boxing greatness began at West became one of the greatest Golden Gloves champions in history. While attending West High, Catarino developed a passion for auto mechanics through enrollment in auto shop classes, a pursuit that has remained a lifelong interest.

     Beyond his achievements in the ring and under the hood, Catarino is known for his exemplary character and dedication to his family and community. He embodies the true spirit of a West High Cowboy by extending a helping hand to family and friends, often lending his expertise in automobile maintenance as a hobby. Continuously selfless, Catarino consistently goes above and beyond to assist those in need within his circle of friends and beyond.

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We have many alumni who have contributed to the community in a variety of ways and we are proud of our Cowboys. Below are current and past recipients who serve the West High School spirit. Please click on the links to read about these amazing individuals.

  • 2022 Outstanding Alumni Award - Maria Lupita Monclova - Class of '75 & Catarino "Ray" Salas - Class of '76

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  • 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award - Jose G Lopez - Class of '50

  • 2019 Outstanding Alumni Award - Benita Olivas - Class of '70

  • 2019 Outstanding Alumni Award - Oriole Fuller Hart - Class of '55

  • 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award - Sfc. Chantel Y. Sena-Diaz - Class of '91

  • 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award - James "Moon" Malone - Class of '69

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