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Education is the way to move mountains, to build bridges, to change the world. 

-Oprah Winfrey

The following scholarships are funded by the Alumni Association and individual contributions for the specific purpose.  The Scholarship Committee of the Alumni Association is dedicated to preserving the success of West High School. 

Scholarships are given by the Association and based upon applications, transcripts, personal interviews, and submitted essays. In the past few years we have been able to increase the amount of scholarships because to your generous donations and paid dues.

Spring 2022 . We recently awarded $13,000 in scholarships to 4 students with the assistance of  a generous donation from The Dean Small Family. 

2022 Scholarship Awards

Kallie Jost, Sonia Vidrio-Maldonado, Isaiah Phorson and Leigh Padilla

                                                                            Senior Alumni Awards, 2022


Catherine Clow-Henderson/Warren Evans Award- Computer or Business 

Aracely Morelos


Alumni Scholastic Award - Top Students

Kallie Jost & Abigail LaCrue


Ernest Peck/Mary Coyle Chase - English or Speech

Leigh Padilla


Alumni Athletic Award - Athletic Award On & Off the Field

Jazzie Arreola & Yamilet Gonzalez


James Fluckey & Gary Lee Kientz Music Award - Vocal or Music

Dathon McKee


Lewis V. Fergus Math Award

Sonia Vidrio-Maldonado & Estevan Gonzalez-Gallardo


War Memorial Citizenship Award - Outstanding Citizens

Liko Gomez & Isaiah Phorson 


Charles R. McDonough Award - Overcoming Obstacles

Renato Flores & Naveh Lopez 


Alumni Association Scholarship

5 Awards Annually

2 Awards = $1500

3 Awards = $1000

Dale Weiland Memorial Scholarship

1 Award Annually

Award = $500

Marie Robinson Memorial Scholarship

1 Award Annually

Award = $500

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